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Springfield School

Oana Moraru

Founder and Manager

I strongly recommend the app, because it allows parents and educators to track the progress of the child based on concrete data and facts, not on surveillance cameras

During conferences across the country, parents and teachers ask me how they can maintain a closer relationship between the family and nursery. I strongly recommend the app, an online application on my phone, in real time, where I can receive information from my child's teacher about her day-to-day education, about her well-being, school progress, I can see pictures, check whether she has been eating, sleeping well etc.
Teachers can organize themselves better and with that have more time for the children, parents are permanently informed, and, at the end of the year, they have a story of images and ideas about the child's progress and what a year in kindergarten meant for them.

Oana Moraru is an educational counsellor, the founder of Helikon School and the Voice of Parents platform, and teacher of Romanian and English language. She has 20 years of experience in private education and has supported dozens of schools and kindergartens in the licensing and accreditation process since 2000. She has formed and advised teams of teachers and educators, elaborated educational offers, alternative programs and systems of monitoring school progress.
Together with her team, Oana provided support in the preparation of documentation to trigger the evaluation procedure for authorisation or accreditation of pre-university private units, the training of teaching staff and practical advice on the whole school activity in general.
In 2016, Oana Moraru was a member of a group of curriculum experts formed by the then minister of Education, Adrian Curaj.

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Save Time

You will be able to reduce administrative time by 6-9 hours/ week for your staff members, by moving daily activities in cloud and enjoying the perks of digitalisation.

Simplify management

Using will be like having one extra team member who is smart, effective, prompt and trustworthy.

Engage with families

Communication with parents will be transparent, in real time, through a secure and easy to use platform & app.

Get more money in the bank

Your cash flow will improve significantly, as issues invoices automatically and sends electronic reminders to parents about their outstanding debt.

Grow employee satisfaction & retention

Teachers work more efficient. They feel motivated and show more initiative.

Boost your school’s reputation

Reduce your cost of attracting new clients and make parents your partners and promoters.

Financial Management

School managers can create and send professional invoices and billing plans, track payments and deposits, analyze debt age and family balance, collect penalties and generate custom reports.

Parents receive the invoices in the app, shortening payment cycles and giving management a constant overview about cash-flow situation. Works with Braintree ACH Direct Debit, PayPal, credit cards, checks or cash.

Share moments digitally and get
100% satisfied parents

By logging in to their children’s customized profiles, parents enjoy countless interactive facilities in a private and secure environment.
  • Daily Updates and Reporting
  • Secure and Private Mltimedia Gallery
  • Personalized News Feed with Filtering
  • Quick Messages for Instant communication
  • Events Calendar with RSVP

Run reports quickly
and reduce paperwork

Managers are able to access and generate reports on the full teachers activity log, children attendance and daily stats, financial data, yearly statements and more.

Reduce paperwork by storing everything related to children and families in one secure place.

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